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 [Broken] - Prosa, Inglês , Sorry =[

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Puto Autista

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Death Note RPG
Nome: Nate River

MensagemAssunto: [Broken] - Prosa, Inglês , Sorry =[   Seg Mar 09, 2009 7:06 pm

Desculpem estar em inglês...Enviei para um site de poemas e isso..

Quem quiser o Link é


Hello, my name is Tim and I am a soldier. I've been trained to
fight, I've been trained to kill, I've been trained to have no
feelings, I've been trained to become the perfect cold blood killing
machine. However, this war has gone far enough! I am sick of innocent
people dying, I am sick of kids being tortured and crying rivers of
blood for their dead parents. I stand right now, at the middle of the
warfare, and I won't fight, no more. No more deaths, no more torture,
no more abuses. I know I am a soldier, I know that I've killed a hell
of a lot of people to get here, but right now, I regret my sins. When I
first went to war, I though it was just like the video games..Where you
kill everyone, you are always victorious...That's a lie. In war,
there's no winners or losers. There are victims and guilties. I am
guilty, I know, if God sends me to Hell, He has reason. I deserve to
burn in hell for what I've did. But, I've changed my perspective of
seeing war, and what I thought was funny, is now a Nightmare. I
want to end it right now, but I haven't got enough strenght. But if
strenght is born from heartbreaks, then I would move mountains and make
this whole bad dream vanish from everyone. If I could paint what i've
saw in this bloody war I couldn't fill a whole museum. Though I can't do anything about this war, I write a notebook, where I shall leave my whole feelings in.
Most people blame the soldier to be demons. No, we aren't. We are humans,
who follow orders. Those who we follow orders are the real demons.
Children in adult form is what they are, I hope they'll never feel the
pain and terror which soldiers and innocent people pass through.
Innocent people, soldiers and rebels, at the top objective for us, is
nothing less then to get back home and be with their families. I've seen enough enough blood, torture, deaths and abuses. I will turn crazy if I see a drop of blood ! I
want to tell you, my superiors, do you know what is like to loose those
who you most love? Do you know what is like to loose friends? Do you
know what is like to loose everyone you love? Do you?I
will fight no more. With me, rebels, soldiers and innocent people, will
rise to stop this warfare. We don't though what can happen to us by
doing this, but something is certain... It can't be worse then what we
lived during this days. After this war ends,I'll be all the time I can with my family, and live each day like it was the last...Because one day it will...
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Fiddler on the roof
Fiddler on the roof

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Death Note RPG
Nome: Shyama Pandora

MensagemAssunto: Re: [Broken] - Prosa, Inglês , Sorry =[   Ter Mar 10, 2009 12:44 pm

In war, there's no winners or losers. There are victims and guilties.

I agreed. Tambem gostei a ultima frase e tals.
Está muito fixe o texto, continua

noisulli na ylerem si ytilanigiro
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[Broken] - Prosa, Inglês , Sorry =[
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